Mental Health

“We cannot know exactly how something will turn out, so we must try for ourselves. Careful consideration, experimentation and preparedness to try something again, even if success is not achieved immediately are essential elements of Judo.”

Dr Jigoro Kano


Mental health is a major concern in our modern society. Judo Solutions recognises the damage done to individuals and society through ignorance of mental health. The physical activity of Judo, in a correctly structured and supportive setting can be a useful tool for helping people regain control of their own lives.

The activity of Judo supports both the physical and the mental health of an individual and demands close physical contact and co-operation. Our structured lessons help those who have low self-esteem and other mental health issues.  We work with groups and individuals who suffer from such issues as anxiety, depression and psychotic illness.  Our safe environment helps develop fitness, fine and gross motor skills and social interaction.  We aim to help individuals understand their own issues and work with them to overcome these, in the process developing their sense of self worth.