Physical Intervention Training

“Consider fully, act decisively.”
Dr Kano

Physical intervention should be about controlling a situation that has gone through the escalatory scale of presence and verbal warning. At Judo Solutions we thoroughly explore the options available to those who may need to utilise physical intervention in the course of their work. Using non-abusive techniques that incorporate both physical and psychological aspects, we use methods approved by the National Health Service.

Physical intervention starts with simple, physical forms of communication before the arresting and restraining techniques are applied. Most techniques used originate from forms devised specifically by Dr Kano for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police and developed further by police forces around the world.

Where possible those involved in physical intervention should work in pairs and our training reflects this. However, there are times when an individual will need to act alone and these situations are also catered for in our methods.

Judo Solutions training relies heavily on traditional methods that have proven their worth over many years. We have years of experience in a variety of live settings as well as approved teaching methods. Courses can by one day, or on going and incorporate legal considerations.