Special Needs

“Judo is not merely a marital art, but rather the basic principle of human behaviour.”

Dr Jigoro Kano


Young people with learning difficulties and other special needs have a myriad of daily issues they need to cope with. Judo Solutions draws on Dr Jigoro Kano’s philosophical approach, helping individuals address socialisation, self-control and attention difficulties.

We are currently working with special schools to support the development of young people with learning difficulties, emotional and behavioural issues. Through carefully structured lessons and follow up sessions we have seen how Judo can support the work of teaching professionals in developing a young person’s confidence, self-esteem and safe decision making. Sessions end with the traditional Japanese silence, the ‘Mokusu,’ encouraging reflection and insight into the young students own capabilities. Just like students on our challenging behaviour courses those students with learning difficulties learn valuable life skills relating to communication, hygiene, empathy and perseverance. Progress for this group of students may be slower but with careful teaching and support we have seen students develop their own sense of worth alongside graded Judo skills.