“Judo began with the study of martial arts. It gradually became clear that it could be applied to physical education, intellectual training, moral education, social interaction, management and people’s everyday lives.”

Dr Jigoro Kano  Founder of Kodokan Judo.

Welcome to Scarborough Ippon Judo Club!

We are a traditional judo club that welcome all to our mat, whether they are beginners or experienced judoka . Our Judo is based on the traditions of the founder of our art, Dr Jigoro Kano. On that basis we engage in the combat sport of judo, but also study other forms of judo, such as kata and self-protection. 

We are affiliated to Judo For All (UK), the national governing body of traditional judo. Our aims and objectives are to build better citizens through the study and practice of judo. 

We encourage our members to take part in competitions, but do not see that as the driving force of the club, which here for people to practice at what ever level they are comfortable with.

Judo For All (UK)