Physical Education

“The best kind of exercise would be to strive to develop a body that truly has value from a physiological standpoint, without injuring yourself, and put this body to good use”.

Dr Jigoro Kano

Schools have a duty to provide physical education for their students. Judo Solutions offers lessons to educational establishments that meet the requirements of a structured lesson that is physically demanding, yet has measurable and achievable outcomes.

Our short taster sessions give an insight to the activity of Judo, but we can also provide on-going sessions that help instil discipline, whilst building young people’s physical wellbeing, either within school time or as an extra-curricular activity.  Affiliated to the national governing body for traditional Kodokan Judo, Judo For All(UK), we provide a gateway to a grading syllabus and national events, which can help an individual work  towards gaining the  coveted black belt as well as giving them the chance to compete across the country.