“Kodokan Judo is a method of fighting. It is the study of techniques with which you may subdue if you wish to subdue and, when attacked, defend yourself.”

Dr Jigoro Kano

Self-protection, as everybody knows starts with not being there in the first place. That is sometimes easier said than done: we have our daily lives to go about and sometimes another’s actions will impact on us whether we like it or not.

Self-protection, or self-defences, nevertheless starts long before any physical skills need to be deployed.  Judo teaches us about taking the right decisions and acting decisively.  From verbal defence through to incapacitating an assailant our training will help you understand the law, and give you a fighting chance in most situations.

Training in self-defence needs to take into account the fact that threat causes physiological and psychological changes to the body: fine motor skills, hearing and a number of other senses are affected.  At Judo Solutions we are aware of the practicality of fighting in a live situation and tailor our courses according to the requirements and potential of attendees.