Dave Hammond

Dave Hammond has been studying and practising judo since the early 80s. 

He has trained across the UK and Europe, under world famous instructors such as Yoriku Yamamoto and Akinori Hosaka, Kodokan 8th Dan, Neil Adams and

Ray Stevens, Olympian and Ju Konno, All-Japan Champion, and Italian maestro Alfredo Vismara, 9th dan. He regards Sampson Sampson, 8th Dan, JFA Technical Director as his own sensei. 

A former editor of the British Judo Council’s national magazine, he is the author of Ippon! the Fight for judo’s soul, published in 2008. He has competed at national level with both the BJC and the BJA and is currently Outreach Officer with Judo For All (UK), the national governing body of traditional Kodokan Judo. He gained his first dan in 2000 and his fourth dan in 2012. He gained his first coaching qualification via the Inner London Education Authority and is now a coach assessor with JFA. Until 2014 he held the post of Head Coach at Dundee University Judo Club.

His attention to detail with regards to customers was second to none

Paul, Proprietor Bank Bar, Dundee

I would highly recommend him to anybody who needs security with a personal touch

Paul, Proprietor Bank Bar, Dundee